Kahau™ is the most significant development in digital management and collaboration for the construction industry. The Kahua™ solution allows all project stakeholders access to real time project documents and data. 

Kahua™ provides collaborative project management solutions that enable more effective project communication throughout the entire lifecycle of your capital projects.

As a Kahua™ Certified Solutions Provider, we can guide you through all phases of a successful Kahua™ implementation.

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Hathaway Partners provides a portfolio of product and service offerings that are designed to solve the issues encountered in construction project management. 

Hathaway Partners can provide training and consulting in the following areas:

  • Construction Audits
  • Construction Enterprise & Project Content Management
  • Construction Payment Request Review and Creation Services
  • Kahua™ Construction Project Management Platform Consulting

Our consulting team can manage these solutions and or provide guidance in developing these solutions with your organization. In addition, we are uniquely qualified to develop custom solutions to integrate these advanced technologies to breathe life in to existing platforms and software and re-energize their capabilities. Contact us for more information.


The complete 

Hathaway Partners is uniquely positioned to assist owners and general contractors to manage the complexities associated with construction projects.

​Hathaway Partners are building technologies and services for the construction industry that allow you to take control through software that validates, tests and cross references your data.

You save, through collaboration and efficiency, substantial man hours that can be diverted to other productivity. 

Our solution is unique in providing consulting and product services that are not available anywhere else. 


Payment request
 Creation and review

PaymenTrax is our solution for Payment Request review and creation for all sizes of projects. 

PaymenTrax can be used as  a creation or review tool that reconciles, recalculates and validates a payment request with the least amount of effort. 

PaymenTrax is a complete process for preparing and reviewing Payment Requests, replacing decades old manual spreadsheets and non-transparent systems. The effort to build or review a Payment Request is streamlined with a user friendly interface that tracks costs with complete transparency.

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Are you wasting time and money on an outdated filing system? Worried about storage and access to your critical documents?

ConstructVision is our construction Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Powered by Digitech Systems©, it is the only ECM specifically designed for the construction industry.

Construction ECM is not “going paperless” – it is managing all your project content through a workflow which incorporates paper and images. 

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